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Congratulations Doreene!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We've been waiting

and waiting

and waiting

and now it's finally time to do some give-aways!

We got our hands on a couple of old jars full of buttons and other stuff and decided to do a "guess how many buttons are in the two jars" game. Even we don't know how many buttons are in the jars because we haven't counted them yet (so don't go thinking we can give out any hints).

How to Join in the Fun Come visit us in person at our little shoppe.

Fill out a contest entry form. When you win, we'll contact you and you can choose your prize from the prize pack collection. It's that easy!

You could win one of these great prizes! There are several prizes to choose from and when you win, you get to decide which prize will go home with you.

Rules: Guesses are accepted August 1 to August 31, 2022. One ballot per person per day. No purchase necessary. Winner(s) will be announced on September 6, 2022. Prizes must be picked-up within one week (by end of business day on September 13, 2022). Unclaimed prizes will be rolled into the next contest.

97 people entered our "guess how many buttons are in the jar" contest.

The lowest guess was 60.

The higest guess was 10000.

Three guesses were under 100.

17 guesses were in the hundreds.

Two people guessed 105.

There were 21 guesses in the 200s.

Three people guessed 200 (the most popular number).

Two people guessed 220.

Two people guessed 225.

Two people guessed 235.

Two people guessed 250.

There were fourteen guesses in the 300s.

Two people guessed 300.

There were nine guesses in the 400s.

There were 13 guesses in the 500s.

There were eight guesses in the 600s.

Five people had guesses in the 700s.

Absolutely NOBODY made a guess in the 800s.

There was one guess in the 900s.

Six guesses were over 1000.

How many buttons were there? 1258!

The contest winner was only off by 58 buttons.

They guessed 1200.

Congratulations Doreene!

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