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Craft Kits & Squishy Stuff

More products arrived in our little shoppe and we know you'll LOVE this stuff!

We'll be honest, some of the new products are things you suggested and we would never have picked them ourselves.

You know what you like and these are awesome!

Big foam dice make game-playing extra fun and not only are the great party favours, they're a nifty tool to use when you're learning how to count and identify colour names. Speaking of identifying colours..... check out these articulated slugs! We weren't expecting to like these so much but we absolutely LOVE the sound they make when you wiggle them.

The Mochi Squishy Animals are here! You asked for them and we found some! They are little, and squish and adorable. They make us think of gum-drops. But of course, you can't eat them.

If you're looking to develop your entertainment skills, these fun kits from SpiceBox are perfect for you! And, if you know a budding entertainer, these kits make a great gift.

We finally got in the 54" long snakes we've been waiting for all summer. They're awesome!

Two kind of dig kits arrived as well. Both are egg-shaped and one kit hides a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur, the other kit has a glow-in-the-dark snake.

Remember when you were a kid and you'd get flying gliders? Now you can share that same joy with the kids in your life (or play with them yourself). These planes are great party favours too.

Need a gift for someone a bit older? Why not get introduce them to the part of paint pouring? Tantalize them with the mysteries of astrology or even explore the idea of guardian angels?

Check out the "Just Arrived" section of our website, or better yet, come visit us in person and we'll show you all the new stuff.

See you soon!


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