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Whoopee Cushions, Yo-Yos and Stuff

You know how we always ask you "What do you wish was here"? We took that list and found a bunch of fun stuff you love. So many nifty things came in this week. We can hardly wait to see what you like best.

Need a fun pick-me-up for a friend or a treat for yourself? Now's the time to pop in and check out what's new.


When you need something, but have no idea what it is.... it's the perfect time to check out the novelties and party favours.


Game night is the best night of the week. Spruce yours up with a new challenge.

Fidget Toys

When you need something to fiddle with, these will do the trick.

Keep the suggestions coming! Our little shoppe is great because of YOU!

See you soon.


Our shoppe is open regular hours next weekend for the

Transcona Hi Neighbour Festival. See you there!

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